MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 29/06/2012 00:10:08.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester FRI 29/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:11 TOM6EW   G-OBYD   Boeing 767-304
00:22 EXS984   G-LSAA   Boeing 757-236
00:27 LLC248   LY-FLH   Boeing 737-382
00:32 EZY192E  G-EZIO   Airbus A319-111
00:43 MON559   G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
00:45 TCX2868  G-TCBB   Boeing 757-236
00:53 EZY1974  G-EZUU   Airbus A320-214
00:59 EZY1904  G-EZTN   Airbus A320-214
01:09 TOM3FT   G-THOP   Boeing 737-3U3
01:35 TCX2559  G-JMCG   Boeing 757-2G5
01:43 MON649A  G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
01:55 MON569B  G-OZBM   Airbus A321-231
02:10 TOM573   G-TAWJ   Boeing 737-8K5/W
02:15 TOM9024  G-FDZD   Boeing 737-8K5
02:22 MON505   G-OZBL   Airbus A321-231
02:50 EZY1946  G-EZTE   Airbus A320-214
03:50 TOM427   G-OOPH   Airbus A321-211
04:11 TCX85PW  G-TCCB   Boeing 767-31K
05:06 TCX959   G-NIKO   Airbus A321-211
05:14 FDX5204  N916FD   Boeing 757-27B
05:20 TCX2815  G-WJAN   Boeing 757-21KER
06:07 TCX127   G-MLJL   Airbus A330-243
06:11 TOM163   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
06:42 AAL210   N190AA   Boeing 757-223
07:05 RYR17ME  EI-DWK   Boeing 737-8AS

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 28/06/2012 00:10:02.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23 until 03.30 when ops changed to 05, ops then changed back to 23 at 10.00

Manchester THU 28/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:10 MON605   G-OZBM   Airbus A321-231
00:14 RYR3225  EI-EPA   Boeing 737-8AS
00:22 BEE1GC   G-JEDT   De Havilland DHC8-402
00:35 TCX2523  G-NIKO   Airbus A321-211
00:37 MON667   G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
00:40 EZY1976  G-EZTE   Airbus A320-214
00:49 TCX92FX  G-TCBB   Boeing 757-236
00:56 EZY1906  G-EZUU   Airbus A320-214
00:59 TOM71G   G-OBYD   Boeing 767-304
01:21 TOM27D   G-FDZD   Boeing 737-8K5
01:24 TOM4JB   G-THOP   Boeing 737-3U3
01:37 MON649L  G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
01:40 TCX2619  G-JMCG   Boeing 757-2G5
01:44 TOM377   G-OOAR   Airbus A320-214
02:03 TOM895   G-TAWJ   Boeing 737-8K5/W
02:13 EZY9016  G-EZTZ   Airbus A320-214
02:53 TOM557   G-OOBB   Boeing 757-28A
03:13 STU3361  LX-STC   Airbus A320-212
04:07 TCX31GY  G-TCBC   Boeing 757-236
05:15 TCX69RC  G-FCLC   Boeing 757-28A
05:22 FDX5204  N918FD   Boeing 757-23A
05:24 TCX46RB  G-TCCB   Boeing…

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 25/06/2012 00:00:48.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester MON 25/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:01 MON635   G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
00:16 RYR3442  EI-EST   Boeing 737-8AS
00:19 BEE7218  G-FBJD   Embraer ERJ170-200STD
00:22 EXS864   LX-STA   Airbus A320-212
00:24 EZY9004  G-EZUG   Airbus A320-214
00:37 MON569L  G-OZBM   Airbus A321-231
00:40 TCX319P  G-TCBC   Boeing 757-236
00:46 MON669   G-OZBP   Airbus A321-231
00:58 TOM97P   G-OOPE   Airbus A321-211
01:16 TOM90D   G-TAWJ   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:17 EXS218Q  G-LSAH   Boeing 757-21B
01:22 TCX86RM  G-JMCG   Boeing 757-2G5
01:35 GEC8201  D-ALCP   McDonnell-Douglas MD-11
01:37 TOM629   G-OOBA   Boeing 757-28A
01:39 TOM36E   G-OOAR   Airbus A320-214
01:50 EZY1976  G-EZUU   Airbus A320-214
02:31 MON685   G-DAJB   Boeing 757-2T7
02:36 TCX98EJ  G-TCCB   Boeing 767-31K
04:03 TOM7DK   G-OOBB   Boeing 757-28A
04:06 EZY1946  G-EZTN   Airbus A320-214
04:09 MON505   G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
04:30 TOM137   G-PJLO   Boeing 767-35E
04:45 TCX38FK  G-FCLE   Boeing 757-28A
04:57 MON647   G-OZBO   Airbus A321-231
04:58 TOM183   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 22/06/2012 00:10:22.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester FRI 22/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:10 EXS984   G-LSAM   Boeing 757-204
00:19 TCX2559  G-FCLC   Boeing 757-28A
00:21 EZY1974  G-EZTN   Airbus A320-214
00:29 EXS892   G-LSAI   Boeing 757-21B
00:33 TOM6EW   G-OBYH   Boeing 767-304
00:58 MON504   G-OZBO   Airbus A321-231
01:11 MON559   G-OZBP   Airbus A321-231
01:14 TOM3FT   G-THOP   Boeing 737-3U3
01:25 EZY1904  G-EZUU   Airbus A320-214
01:20 TOM367   G-OOBA   Boeing 757-28A
01:23 EZY192E  G-EZIO   Airbus A319-111
01:43 MON649   G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
01:59 MON569B  G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
02:01 TCX53CR  G-TCCA   Boeing 767-31K
02:22 TOM14G   G-BYAT   Boeing 757-204
02:44 EXS898   G-CELI   Boeing 737-330
03:15 TOM573   G-FDZW   Boeing 737-8K5/W
03:19 EZY1946  G-EZTE   Airbus A320-214
04:13 TOM427   G-OOPE   Airbus A321-211
04:35 TCX2869  G-TCCB   Boeing 767-31K
05:23 FDX5204  N901FD   Boeing 757-2B7
05:55 TCX315   G-MLJL   Airbus A330-243
06:28 NJE559W  CS-DSA   Dassault Falcon 7X
06:43 MON505   G-OZBO   Airbus A321-231
06:51 ETD015   A6-EYF   Airbus A330-243
06:53 DLH8JT   D-ACNU   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
06:58 QTR041   A7-AEG   Airbus A330-302
07:01 RYR17ME  EI-EPA   Boeing 737-8AS
07:05 SHT2A    G-EUYK   Airbus A320-232
07:17 SIA328   9V-SWK   Boeing 777-312ER
07:24 TSC494   C-GITS   Airbus A330-243
07:26 TCX415   OY-VKF   Airbus A330-243
07:28 UAE21    A6-EAR   Airbus A330-243
07:30 AAL210   N199AN   Boeing 757-223
07:32 SHT34CA  G-DOCW   Boeing 737-436

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 21/06/2012 00:35:53.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 05 until 14.50 when ops changed back to 23.

Manchester THU 21/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:35 MON667   G-OZBP   Airbus A321-231
00:44 TOM71G   G-OBYH   Boeing 767-304
00:53 RYR3225  EI-EST   Boeing 737-8AS
00:54 EZY1976  G-EZTE   Airbus A320-214
01:14 TOM27D   G-FDZA   Boeing 737-8K5
01:29 MON649L  G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
01:49 TOM895   G-FDZX   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:58 TCX2523  G-FCLC   Boeing 757-28A
02:55 TCX92FX  G-FCLE   Boeing 757-28A
03:26 EXS170   G-GDFF   Boeing 737-85P
03:45 STU3361  LX-STA   Airbus A320-212
03:59 LLC234   LY-FLH   Boeing 737-382
04:06 TCX31GY  G-FCLJ   Boeing 757-2Y0
04:50 TCX307P  G-DHJH   Airbus A321-211
05:43 TOM87T   G-OBYG   Boeing 767-304
05:54 TCW428T  OO-TCP   Airbus A320-214
06:25 TCX69RC  G-WJAN   Boeing 757-21KER
06:28 TCX46RB  G-TCCB   Boeing 767-31K
06:58 DLH8JT   D-ACNB   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
06:58 ETD015   A6-EYQ   Airbus A330-243
07:07 SHT2A    G-EUUZ   Airbus A320-232
07:17 SHT34CA  G-DOCG   Boeing 737-436
07:21 EIN20E   EI-DVN   Airbus A320-214

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The JetHead Blog

Flying as captain is a marathon: the mileposts come slow and steady, so pacing is key. Especially when you’re tired, and you are.

You once counted, then stop counting after you reached 150, the number of details you must see to and okay before you even send the initial torrent 35 psi air coursing through the starter on the first jet engine. So you divide the tasks to conserve energy, and just like you when you run a marathon–no wasted motion, deliberate pace, tune out the distractions, concentrate. Half of you remains in the scan mode: you know where everything is and how it’s supposed to be, inside the cockpit. Let your eyes do the movement.

And the other half does the evaluating: numbers correct, weights, center of gravity; quantities; oxygen, oil, hydraulic fluid, jet fuel. Systems that need to be armed, armed. Each waypoint, loaded by datalink, but verified…

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MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 20/06/2012 00:35:46.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23 until 12.45 when ops changed to 05.

Manchester WED 20/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type 
00:37 MON521   G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
00:53 TCX2849  G-DHJH   Airbus A321-211
00:56 TOM9XL   G-BYAT   Boeing 757-204
00:58 EXS918M  G-LSAI   Boeing 757-21B
01:01 EZY194A  G-EZTE   Airbus A320-214
01:25 EZY1942  G-EZTN   Airbus A320-214
01:28 MON649B  G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
01:36 TOM8BX   G-OBYH   Boeing 767-304
02:01 MON569G  G-MAJS   Airbus A300B4-605R
02:31 TCX53JS  G-DAJC   Boeing 767-31K
02:57 TOM8PD   G-OOAR   Airbus A320-214
03:00 MON667A  G-OZBN   Airbus A321-231
03:09 STU3247  LX-STA   Airbus A320-212
04:09 TCX93DH  OY-VKF   Airbus A330-243
04:12 TOM87H   G-OBYG   Boeing 767-304
05:04 FDX5204  N916FD   Boeing 757-27B
05:08 TCX23NP  G-TCCB   Boeing 767-31K
06:30 TOM169   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
07:00 TOM123   G-PJLO   Boeing 767-35E
07:04 TCX16DF  G-FCLE   Boeing 757-28A
07:06 AAL210   N195AN   Boeing 757-223
07:08 DLH8JT   D-ACNW   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:10 EIN20E   EI-DEJ   Airbus A320-214

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